What is a branded after-market part?

You want your clients to have confidence in your ability to supply them the equipment and parts they need. This means you have to have reliable service, knowledgeable employees, and present a product that lets your client know you are an expert. But you still have a budget to maintain, so consider meeting in the middle with a branded after-market part to create the perfect balance of professionalism and your bottom line.



We have already discussed after-market versus original equipment manufacturer, or OEM parts.  After-market parts are parts that are not made by the same manufacturer as the original part, and therefore may not be a perfect fit. However, they are usually less expensive, and may be a good option for those parts you find yourself replacing frequently.


A branded after-market part takes this option one step further. The company you purchase the part from adds a brand name to the part in a visible location, as well as the packaging it comes in. This lets a client know what to expect from the moment they begin to use the product.


Do brands really matter?


In the current economic climate, you may find yourself wondering if brand names still hold the weight they once did, when there are other options available that cost less and may appeal to your budget more. However, experts have conducted surveys that show that, yes, brands still matter to many people, for a couple of reasons.


First, think of any particular product that you buy in a popular, well-known brand name only. What about the brand appeals to you? For many people, seeing a brand or logo associated with an item they need, like groceries, is a type of guarantee – this company knows what they are doing, and you will receive a quality product.


The same concept can be applied to the automotive industry. At the end of the day, you may see all replacement parts as being equal. But think of it from your client’s perspective – when they see your trucks use a well-known brand that has a reputation for going above and beyond in quality, their confidence in your services will be even higher. First impressions can last for a lifetime, so putting your best foot forward, so to speak, goes a long way in showing clients the high level of service they will receive from you.


The second reason you want to consider a company that offers physical branding of after-market parts is your budget. Yes, you can save more up front by buying an after-market part that isn’t a perfect fit and doesn’t have a brand stamped on it. But it also means you run the risk of that part wearing down more quickly or malfunctioning altogether. This would mean replacing the part more often, which will add up quickly, even at a lower price.

But think about your fleet’s brand, and the reputation you want associated with it. If your logo was stamped on something that was going out to a client, it means you are assuring the client that the services or product they receive is backed by your company, and that they can rely on you for a top-notch experience. This means that when you buy a branded part, it has been approved by the company who owns the brand, and that you are that much more likely to have the part that fits best and lasts longest the first time.


Running a fleet means keeping an eye on a million different details. That’s why it’s imperative for you to find a parts supplier that offers their own finishing touch to make your fleet stand out above the rest. Look for a company that offers branded after-market parts to learn how one small detail can make a big difference for your fleet.

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