You are running a large fleet of heavy trucks, and you need to ensure that you have replacement parts and upgrades available. But you also have to be mindful of your budget, as well as aware of the options available to you.

Traditionally, consumers have been left with two options: OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts and after-market parts. But there may be another option that bridges the gap between OEM and after-market parts – read on to learn how the manufacturing process has made it possible to have the best of both worlds.

Looking back

 The manufacturing industry has evolved more than virtually any other. In fact, many experts agree that manufacturing is currently going through a change that will see unprecedented growth in value, thanks to the technological advancements that are now available.

Even just forty years ago, the industry was relying on lower-quality tools that utilized expensive labor and cheap manufacturing. Now, thanks to new technology and resources, it has shifted to utilizing cheaper labor and superior products. This is not to say that the manufacturing labor force is now inferior; rather, it is now possible to mass-produce quality parts at a lower price with the right person wielding the tools. The incorporation of tech into this process has opened up new avenues for manufacturers and consumers alike.

In short, the manufacturing industry has reached the point where it is possible to provide heavy trucks with high-quality, branded after-market parts that provide more value for less money, all with the guarantee that your trucks will have what they need.

What’s the difference?

 OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, parts are those parts that are created by the same company that created the trucks your fleet uses. In other words, it’s like buying official Apple brand headphones to use with your iPhone. This means the part is tailor-made for the exact specifications you need.

After-market parts, on the other hand, are produced by a different company than the one who originally provided the product – like the generic grocery store brand of headphones instead of the official Apple version. After-market parts are designed to accommodate a variety of manufacturers, so they may not be identical to the OEM part, though their function is the same.

However, these two choices are not your only ones. Many reputable companies offer a solution that stays within your budget while still giving you only the highest quality product through a branded after-market part.

One step further

A branded after-market part takes your options one step further. The company you purchase the part from adds a brand name to the part in a visible location, as well as to the packaging it comes in. This lets a client know what to expect from the moment they begin to use the product. A brand is more than just a logo – it’s a guarantee that the company who created the product will stand by it, and that they want the product to succeed. This, in turn, means you are acquiring a part that is reliable and made from the highest quality.

Think of it from your client’s perspective – when they see your trucks use a well-known brand that has a reputation for going above and beyond in quality, their confidence in your services will be even higher. First impressions can last for a lifetime, so putting your best foot forward, so to speak, goes a long way in showing clients the high level of service they will receive from you.

You’re the only one who can decide what direction to take your fleet in – but it’s important to realize that some paths offer more value than others. Finding a company that provides branded after-market parts means you will be partnering with a team that only focuses on giving you the best value for your budget, without compromising quality.

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